This color palette is a dream. It’s amazing how colors can change or reinforce your mood.

When the sun is blazing outside, somehow these soft colors make everything feel cooler and more peaceful!

I decided to place this arrangement in the entry way of our house – where I walk past about a thousand times a day!

The combination of the soft pastels, the crisp white – and of course the scent of the jasmine- makes me smile every time.

In this arrangement: Arabian Jasmine, Scented Geranium, Zinnia, Sunflower, Garden Rose “Jude the Obscure”, Queen’s Wreath

The structure of the centerpiece above is provided by this Arabian Jasmine. This is a must grow for landscape and garden!

-And I love the mixture of arched and straight stems to give movement to arrangements.

It blooms non-stop all summer long, and is green the rest of the year.

However, it is not quite sure what kind of plant it wants to be…. It will start out in a shrub form and remain that way for a year or two, and then without warning it will send a long trailing branch, seemingly out of nowhere, and begin to climb or trail depending on what it has to hold on to.

But don’t worry – it’s easily tamed if you prefer to have a neat shrub all the time!

Wishing you beautiful days,


A Summer Arrangement with Soft Pastels



Floral Arrangements

I find so much joy in tending the garden and designing with the blooms I grow - and I love to share them!
This journal is dedicated to sharing all things flower and garden. 
I hope you will be inspired to enjoy the beauty all around you every day!

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