As our busy lives get busier - seasonal, beautiful, naturally grown flowers provide a welcoming haven from the busyness of the world!
A fresh bouquet on the kitchen counter, by the bedside, or as a gift for a friend is a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us everyday. 
There's no doubt about it - flowers are good for the soul!

The Backyard Posy Co. was born from a desire to share the beauty and joy of fresh-cut, seasonal flower arrangements

I watched from a distance and occasionally lent a hand in the garden at the side of my mom and grandmother - both smitten with all things blooming. If nothing else, it was engrained in me that a house is not a home until there are flowers (and (especially roses) planted in the yard- .. somewhere... anywhere!
Over the last 20 years I have studied, practiced, failed and succeeded in the garden - there is nothing more rewarding than a bunch of fresh flowers or a garden design that comes together just as I imagined!
I love every stage of growing flowers - starting with a well thought out design, caring for the soil organically, sowing seeds, harvesting and then arranging them in a way that reflects the natural beauty and grace of the garden itself. - and the best part - sharing them!

I am wife to my sweet husband, Jim, and mom of 8 wonderful kids! They inspire me and remind me to be grateful for the gift of every day!

i'm proud to be a 3rd generation native of Arizona.
Roses and flowers of every sort were beautiful background music all through my childhood.

behind the backyard posy co.

local blooms, local girl

flowers unlike any others
from my home to yours

Naturally grown, fresh cut, seasonal


They added such a lovely touch to each table and they smelled wonderful!

Thank you for the beautiful flower arrangements

Experience the difference of fresh seasonal flowers!

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