Rather than creating an arrangement in my mind and then finding flowers to fit that idea, I go into the garden and see what draws my attention.

My floral arrangements are almost always inspired by what speaks to me in the garden! It’s one of the most wonderful things about making seasonal flower arrangements!

I have been enamored with images of beautiful rolling meadows, sprinkled with wildflowers lately – and on this particular morning, as I strolled the garden, the words of Jane Austen’s “Marianne” in Sense and Sensibility were echoing in my head : “These are not from the hothouse” . (read in your best British accent!)

And so the only thing that would do was a Meadow arrangement! While not technically made from wildflowers – I think it hits all the right notes!

And for a touch of authenticity – the weed husks were foraged from a neighboring hay field!

In this arrangement:

Focal flowers: Sunflower, Zinnia; Supporting: Cherry Caramel Phlox, Pastel Yarrow, “Fata Morgana” Scabiosa; Accent: Weed husks, scabiosa.

Til next time – wishing you beautiful days!


A Tabletop Meadow



Floral Arrangements

I find so much joy in tending the garden and designing with the blooms I grow - and I love to share them!
This journal is dedicated to sharing all things flower and garden. 
I hope you will be inspired to enjoy the beauty all around you every day!

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